Logo of NCP Biohorizo
This project has received funding from the European Unionís Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652637.

BioHorizon’s services

The leading concept of the BioHorizon project is based on three types of joint activities, designed to enhance the quality and services efficiency of the Bio-NCP network:

  1. Activities to improve the services and professionalism, through training and the use of common tools

These activities include, in particular, on-site training courses and virtual trainings, as well as e-mentoring activities and horizontal workshops on specific bioeconomy related issues, in order to ensure that less experienced Bio-NCPs rapidly acquire the know-how necessary for their work.

  1. Activities to improve the cohesion of the network

These activities (staff exchanges, use of common communication and cooperation tools) focus on the identification and sharing of best practices among Bio-NCPs, eliminating barriers and knowledge deficiencies as well as improving trans-national contacts.

  1. Activities aimed at simplifying access to H2020 calls

These activities are aimed at promoting and facilitating the involvement and active participation of all potential participants in H2020 (researchers, industry, SME) through the organization of trans-national activities and brokerage events contributing to lowering barriers for newcomers. Furthermore, BioHorizon will allow more efficient identification and will provide easier access to collaboration opportunities presented in the SC2 and KET-B work programmes.

Special attention will be given to connecting with international Bio-NCPs, supporting their involvement and integration with the European Bio-NCPs through the promotion of their participation in the BioHorizon activities and enhancing the capacity building network.