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Brussels, Belgium / 14.03.2019

Joint BBI / SCAR Bioeconomy SWG workshop: Advancing the creation of regional bioeconomy clusters in Europe

The specific objective of the workshop is to stimulate interest in creating regional bioeconomy clusters in regions and countries which are less active in the bioeconomy and bio-based sectors via an exchange of knowledge and experiences in developing such clusters. The final aim of the workshop is to foster support for the bioeconomy in general and for increased participation in the BBI JU Initiative of underrepresented countries, including SMEs.

The workshop will bring together experts and representatives of bioeconomy related clusters, SRG delegates, SCAR BSW members and policy makers at national and regional level.

More information and registration: https://www.bbi-europe.eu/events/advancing-creation-regional-bioeconomy-clusters-europe-brussels-belgium