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Technologicke Centrum Akademie ved Ceske Republiky

Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences supports the participation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area, prepares analytical and conceptual studies for research and development, performs international technology transfers and supports the creation and development of innovation businesses.

Main activities of the Technology Centre consist of the following:

National Information Centre for European Research - complex services of the NCPs for H2020 in the Czech Republic and monitoring Czech participation in EU Framework programmes

CZELO - Czech liaison office for research, development in innovation, located in Brussels

Strategic Studies and Projects - studies for research and innovation policies, RTD priorities, foresight, strategies for a knowledge-based economy, regional innovation strategies,

Business development - coordination of the Czech part of EEN, direct cooperation with industrial enterprises and entrepreneurs in innovating products and technology processes, innovation audits, transnational technology transfer and commercialization of RTD result

NCPs involved:

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Nada Konickova

Tel.: +420 234006109


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Technologicke Centrum Akademie ved Ceske Republiky

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Technology Centre of the CAS
Ve Struhách 1076/27
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

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Fax +420 234 006 251