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This project has received funding from the European Unionís Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652637.


General information about the archived profiles

One of BioHorizon’s main objectives is to simplify access to Horizon 2020 calls under the Societal Challenge 2 and the Key Enabling Technology Biotechnology, to widen participation in those fields, and to stimulate international research cooperation. To this end, a series of three international brokerage events based in Brussels and two decentralized, regional events dedicated to specific thematic areas will be organized.

BioHorizon’s brokerage events will support the trans-national networking between researchers and other stakeholders by providing suitable thematic platforms to discuss and develop ideas and projects, thus fostering access to collaboration opportunities. Interested researchers/stakeholders are requested to create an online profile of their institution and their own expertise which will be used to pre-arrange meetings between potential project partners in a structured way.

Profiles from all participants in BioHorizon's brokerage events as well as all flash presentations will be archived on the respective B2Match websites. You can use the B2Match quick find search tool to browse the profiles for partners with a relevant expertise.


1st International Brokerage Event (26.11.2015)

Due to the uncertain security situation in Brussels (highest terrorism alert level from 21 - 30 November 2015), and upon the recommendation of the European Commission, we had to cancel this event. We deeply regret the great inconvenience that this has caused.

You can find the profiles of all validated registrants here: https://www.b2match.eu/foodbrokerage2015/participants

All flash presentations are accessible here: https://www.b2match.eu/foodbrokerage2015/pages/flash-presentations


2nd International Brokerage Event (28.06.2016)

You can find the profiles of all validated registrants here: https://www.b2match.eu/foodbrokerage2016/participants

All flash presentations are accessible here: https://www.b2match.eu/foodbrokerage2016/pages/13006-flash-presentations


1st Regional Brokerage Event (20.09.2016)

The first Regional Brokerage Event was dedicated to the Blue Growth related aspects of the SC2 and SC4 calls 2017. The event has been held in Gdansk, Poland.

You can find the profiles of all validated registrants here: https://www.b2match.eu/smartblue2016/participants

All flash presentations are accessible here: https://www.b2match.eu/smartblue2016/pages/15052-flash-presentations